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jealous ark sz

yeah.. youknowhatimsayin? eh-heh
its real funny youknowhatimean?
i like cant believe this yknow
jealousy like tried to move on me youknowhatimsayin?
so i said nah i aint gonna, yknow
make no energetic hyped up yellin, type joint, knowhatimean?
im just gon cool back, youknowhatimsayin?
word up to this slow gangster beat type thing
check it out yo..

jealousy - i wanna kill him and shoot him
hes a sucker - id like to execute him
recruit him - put him in my school and school him
i said somethin simple, and i knew that id fool him
hes only mediocre, jealousy cant get with me
hang up your clothes, cause jealousy aint spent to me
hes just a monkey, ridin my back
in fact i kidnap, ramsack, hijack and backslap the fool..
.. see my name is cool j
i play for keeps, the microphones my tool
ive been holdin back long enough i had to bring it
jealousy is in the house yall, fellas sing it

jealous.. jealous..
theres no need to be
jealous.. jealous..
bih mellow, youknowhatimsayin?
jealous.. jealous..
gangster groove, word up knowhatimsayin?
jealous.. jealous..
check it out yall

im not lackadaisical or lazy on the microphone
i bring the bacon home so jealousy go home
or play the wall and pout about the way the prince is rollin
so when they give it up, stand back and start foldin
all your jealous show clothes, i think you need to grab a
half-pint of cisco and hang out with backstabber
cause ima break down all walls jealousy built
and then walk tall, like im standin on stilts yeah
jealousy the jam is mean youll have to rewind it
if you didnt know about him, you must have been blinded
ask him if im right, hell tell you he sure is
excuse me for a moment, fellas sing a smooth chorus

jealous.. jealous..
knowhatimsayin? smooth, word up
jealous.. jealous..
huh, crazy gangster beat, youknowhatimsayin?
its like a gangster lean
jealous.. jealous..
yeah yeah youknowhatimsayin?
its cool j in the house, youknowhatimsayin?
jealous.. jealous..
word up, check it out
check it, yo

thank you fellas, the way you sung the chorus was swift
but now its time to pump lyrics, and shoot the gift
his name is jealousy fellas see what i mean now turn it out
without a doubt and if it hits you in the heart dont pout
cause ima hit jealousy and his posse where it hurts a lot
him and his boys have a habit, they always smirk a lot
and make mean faces, i see em in many places
scared to face us, they wish they could erase us
or outdo us, cant do damage and never will
the legend in leather is clever, man ima never chill
allah take a break from this, yo i love swingin
yo e, pop the bubbly, fellas, start singin

jealous.. jealous..
its like a crazy gangster groove, youknowhatimean?
jealous.. jealous..
huh-huh, jealousy aint got no wins, youknowhatimsayin?
jealous.. jealous..
yo but it aint nuttin youknowhatimsayin?
cause yo im the prince of rap knowhatimsayin? word up
jealous.. jealous..
yo.. its crazy.. i am the one
bust it

oooh yeah, now ima wind it up
its time to move on and end the jealousy cut
and head off with a bang that sang and kicked your brain in
i flowed like water now im finished explainin
in the spotlight tonight his name was jealousy
and for some strange reason, it seems fellas be
fallin for him, i hope you understood
stay away from him he aint no good

youknowhatimsayin man yo (thats word yeah i hear that)
yeah word up (cant hang out man)
yo it aint nuttin yo yaknowwhatimsayin
cause we gon do this (we gon do it right)
(get involved man) yo get the champagne man
(just chill)


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