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illegal search ark sz

yo baby
put your seatbelt on
i got my paperwork, dont worry
its cool

[the flex]
illegal search

(do you wanna see it?)

(im gonna do it)

[verse 1]
what the hell are you lookin for?
cant a young man make money anymore?
wear my jewels and like freak it on the floor
or is it my job to make sure im poor?
cant my car look better than yours?
keep a cigar in between my jaws
i drink champagne, to hell with coors
never sold coke in my life, i do tours
get that flashlight out of my face
im not a dog, so damn it, put away the mace
i got cash and real attorneys on the case
youre just a joker perpetratin a ace
you got time, you wanna give me a taste
i dont smoke cigarettes, so why youre lookin for base?
you might plant a gun, and hope i run a race
eatin in the messhall, sayin my grace
you tried to frame me, but it wont work
illegal search

[the flex]
keep on searchin

[l.l. cool j]
im totally relaxed

[the flex]
illegal searchin

[l.l. cool j]
illegal search

[the flex]
keep on searchin
keep on searchin
keep on searchin
gotta, gotta, gotta...

[verse 2]
i call it nice, you call it a drug car
i say disco, you call it a drug bar
i say nice guy, you call me mr. good bar
i made progress, you say, "not that far"
i just started it, youre searchin my car
but all my paperwork is up to par
its in my uncles name, so the frame wont work
chump - illegal search

[the flex]
keep on searchin

[l.l. cool j]
illegal search

you wont find nothin

[verse 3]
on the turnpike, and everythings right
in the background is flashin lights
get out the car in the middle of the night
its freezin cold, and youre doin it for spite
slam me on the hood, yo, that aint right
you pull out your gun if im puttin up a fight
my car, my clothes, and my girl is hype
but you wanna replace my silver stripes
youre a real man, your uniform is tight
fingerprint me, take me name and height
hopin it will, but i know it wont work
illegal search

(do you wanna see it?)

[l.l. cool j]
hey yo, marley
get funky

[the flex]
illegal illegal illegal search

[l.l. cool j]
real funky

(im gonna do it for ya)
(im gonna do it)

[l.l. cool j
keep it right there
funk it up

[verse 4]
i was sued to court, the case got thrown out
im that man that you all read about
put me in jail, youre doin it for clout
i only got one question: whats that all about?
jail is somethin that i can do without
case dismissed, and now you wanna pout
you feel like tryin it again, but you know it wont work
illegal search

[the flex]
keep on searchin

[l.l. cool j]
illegal search
but i got all my id, and my cars registered

illegal searchin
illegal search

and them cops out there
that did the wrong thing to one of my brothers
in jersey
keep on searching
cause that was foul



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