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i cant live without my radio ark sz
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i cant live without my radio ark sz

verse 1

my radio, believe me, i like it loud
im the man with a box that can rock the crowd
walkin down the street, to the hardcore beat
while my jvc vibrates the concrete
im sorry if you cant understand
but i need a radio inside my hand
dont mean to offend other citizens
but i kick my volume way past 10
my story is rough, my neighbourhood is tough
but i still sport gold, and im out to crush
my name is cool j, i devastate the show
but i couldnt survive without my radio
terrorising my neighbours with the heavy bass
i keep the suckas in fear by the look on my face
my radios bad from the boulevard
im a hip-hop gangster and my name is todd
just stimulated by the beat, bust out the rhyme
get fresh batteries if it wont rewind
cos i play everyday, even on the subway
i woulda got a summons but i ran away
im the leader of the show, keepin you on the go
but i know i cant live without my radio

verse 2

suckas on my jock when i walk down the block
i really dont care if youre jealous or not
cos i make the songs, you sing along
and your radios def when my records on
so get off the wall, become involved
all your radio problems have now been solved
my treacherous beats make ya ears respond
and my radios loud like a fire alarm
the floor vibrates, the walls cave in
the bass makes my eardrums seem thin
def sounds in my ride, yes the front and back
you would think it was a party, not a cadillac
cos i drive up to the ave, with the windows closed
and my bass is so loud, it could rip your clothes
my stereos thumpin like a savage beast
the level on my power meter will not decrease
suckas get mad, cos the girlies scream
and im still gettin paid while you look at me mean
im the leader of the show, keepin you on the go
but i know i cant live without my radio
im the leader of the show, keepin you on the go
and i know i cant live without my radio

verse 3

dont touch that dial, ill be upset
might go into a fit and rip off your neck
cos the radios thumpin when im down to play
im the royal chief rocker ll cool j
let your big butt bounce from right to left
cos its a actual fact this jam is def
most definitely created by me
goin down in radio history
im good to go on your radio
and im cold gettin paid cos rick said so
make the woofers wallop and your tweeters twitch
some jealous knuckleheads might try to dis
but its nuthin, ya frontin, ya girl i am stuntin
and my radios loud enough to keep you gruntin
my name is cool j, im from the rock
circulating through your radio non-stop
im lookin at the wires behind the cassette
and now im on the right, standing on the eject
wearin light blue pumas, a whole lotta gold
and jams like these keep me in control
im the leader of the show, keepin you on the go
and i know i cant live without my radio

verse 4

your energy level starts to increase
as my big beat is slowly released
im on the radio and at the jam
ll cool j is who i am
imma make ya dance, boogie down and rock
and youll scratch and shake to my musical plot
and to expand my musical plan
cut creator, rock the beat with your hands

thats right, so dont try to front the move
as you become motivated by the funky groove
you can see me and earl chillin on the block
with my box cold kickin with the gangster rock
see people cant stop me, neither can the police
im a musical maniac to say the least
for you and your radio i made this for
cool js here to devastate once more
pullin all the girls, takin out mcs
if ya try to disrespect me, i just say please!
here to command the hip-hop land
kick it live with a box inside my hand
im the leader of the show, keepin you on the go
but i know i cant live without my radio

farmers boulevard, yeah, you know thats where me and e hang out, cool
out, you know what im sayin? thats where the cribs at.


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