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word up! yknowhutimsayin?
i gotta globe in the world in the mail today
nahimsayin? heh, word up!
uhh, kid told me "yo, the world is yours kid, put it in ya pocket"
make a brother feel good, word up!
brother feel energised
i wanna dedicate this one to the game that put me on the map

i know you love it, the game is so irresistable to touch
you should see me when fienin for microphones that i can clutch
droppin bombs, combinin the club attracts
like the ol sugarhill gang, king tim and fatback
theres no question the suggestion was made
the foundation was laid when the furious played
grandmaster flash slayed the competition that was wishin
they could serve the technician with the number one position
uhh, the real deal, fearless four scored
bambataa was hotter, spoony was givin em nutta
an i was all up in my headzone, melody and all
cosign and the movement sayin "yes, yes yall"
its just the love affair that never ended
i recommended that i take microphones and blow em up, aint that splendid
this one goes out to all the hip-hop do-or-diers
a song is dedicated to the music i admire


whenever and ever
we want you, i need you (i need hip-hop)
whenever and ever
we want you, do you feel the same way too? (i need hip-hop)

kanes era was terror, he warmed it up
parrish and erick cat lyrics thatll make ya turn it up
and i was in the cut, chillin in my drop-top benz
with friends, loungin with my mens, laughin bout all the ends
that i spends, making snaps, pumping kool g rap and biz
dapper don, dookie wrotes im about to show what time it is
at the rooftop, i was with doug e.fresh and slick rick
la di da di, who likes to party? was the fat shit
i mean i saw this hip-hop thing on every level
chuck d, pe, yes the rhythm and the rebel
i can reminisce the black fist, uzi, terminators
terror doom techniques that terrorise the lighter shade
its all about the game that we play everyday
eric b & rakim flow to such a diffrent way
im lovin hip-hop cos it help brothers escape
lets celebrate our music people before its too late


survival of the fittest-mobb deep, and lost boyz
lickin shots got the game hot
they even flipped on 2pac
snoop doggy dogg put the west coast in gear
dr dre, nwa, eazy es in here
i wanna tell the world they just dont understand
my man nas escobar, wu-tang clan
keith murray to the redman, down south da brat
my people are you with me where you at?...ya peep that?
im on a mission to rejuvenate the funk
bring the game back and give the do-or-diers what they want
when you hear craig mack, notorious b.i.g.
latifah, heavy d, you should reminisce of me
some say its naughty by nature-hip-hop in all its glory
a fleet of battleships floatin in diffrent categories
my love affair with hip-hopll never fade away
sincerely yours, ll cool j

chorus to fade

outro: (over chorus)

yeah, aint no doubt about it kid, knowimsayin?
hip-hops the game, helped a lot of brothers escape
take it to another level, knowimsayin?
its our music, we own this music, knowhutimsayin?
word life! i wanna give a couple of shoutouts here, knowhutimsayin?
first of all, i wanna thank my man baby chris, ynahmean?
helped me put this mr. smith...mr.smith album together
make it hot, knowimsayin?
thank the trackmasters--?pope tone?-, steve stout
we definitely turning this joint out, ynahmean
word bond! hip-hop for life, kid!


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