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god bless ark sz


definitely gonna be butter, nahmean?
its gone be butter, nahmean?
uh, swerve on em, uh yeah
crack the mo, here we go
im in the mood to let the chickenheads flow
son, no doubt, god its real
every member of my clique is equipped with steel
suga, lets (heesha!), uhh, god bless

verse 1:

just the type of man that can lace the crowd
which ya hands on ya [blank] or you could raise them proud
i bust shots off
put my hands on my shorty and i make it hot-ter
i got a lock ya, flavour to bring
got the championships so ima savour the ring
church boy, raised by my grandmomma
home-bred, i dead all the drama
im like the mystical funk technician
its a sign of the times, guards on a mission

god bless ya lover, god bless you (x4)

verse 2:

have mercy!
nowadays i got them other niggas acting thirsty
bless the sky, energy created by my third child
swerve wit it, get it get it
feels good to bust shots at the critics
you crave more taste of my funk
when my track drop aint enough space in ya trunk
soul for real, but not the group
im solo goin for dolo in the drop coupe
i distribute melodies while ya gold trees
step a dip like a flip, 96 kis

chorus x 2

matter fact take it to the bridge

god bless
god bless ya lover

verse 3:

honey dippin off my nautica sleeves
with them gortex boots, that compliment all the cheese
shouldnt hate me cos im raw
(i thought you fell off kid!) you said that shit before
but you see miracles when youre lyrical
off some ll shit, chickens get hysterical
cos i..... form like voltron
lets get it on and take ya chime bomb (-explosion-)
knock it off
i like your style but its a slight bit soft
son, the ll rule, huh
i pick it up and lay it down mad cool
itll cost you a fortune (what?)
for me to make it hot, heat it up and keep it scorchin

chorus to fade

outro: (-over chorus-)
its all built for 96 kid!
no diggity, -?rehaud?- lace me
nahmean? lil chris in the house
ol moms, big e and the fam
yo son, whos next?


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