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dear yvette ark sz

verse 1

yo yvette, theres a lot of rumours goin around
theyre so bad, baby you might have to skip town
see somethings smellin fishy and they say its you
all i know is that you made it with the whole damn crew
they say youre a man-eater during the full moon
mascot of the senior boys locker room
they said yvette walked in, there wasnt too much rap
her reputation got bigger, and so did her gap
cuz girl your momma shoulda taught you better
imma sit down and write you a long letter.


dear yvette x4

verse 2

im glad you aint my sister, then again if you was
id have to treat you like you was my distant cuz
im not a news reporter, i dont mean to assume
what should i think? i seen ya comin out the mens bathroom
you wasnt in there alone, wasnt usin the phone
the door was locked for twenty minutes, all i heard was "moan".

repeat chorus

verse 3

i dont really know if the story is so
i can either ask curly, or larry or moe
or earl, shabazz, lou, mookie or joe
like santa claus said, youre a ho-ho-ho
in every disco you say hello
like youre a little angel, but we all know
since you was eleven you been actin this way
you always got in bed when you wanted to play
youre a freak, you think youre lady godiva
some freaks are live, but yvette youre liver.

repeat chorus

verse 4

youre a back-seat queen, a elevator pro
a high-powered body makes your levis grow
see the stories ive heard, they could amaze
i heard she did it on a motorcycle back in the days
so calm down freak, get a g.e.d.
thats a general education on decency
one day youll see, and agree with me
unless youre gonna be a freak until youre 93
for you theres no fee, everything is free
this is from me to you, not you to me
every night is your night, your leather pants are tight
you try to shake your butt with all your might
i dont really wanna dis nobody
you might think i had a little too much bacardi
but thats not the problem, the problems yvette
how bad can a girls reputation get?
see shes the kinda girl all the homeboys met
if youre desparate ask yvette, cuz shell say "bet".

repeat chorus

verse 5

b-boys are hard on the boulevard
the reverend at the church said you was barred
homeboys on the block love you a lot
youre a real famous freak whether you like it or not
so before you start walking and your beak starts squawkin
let me explain to you who is talkin
im l.l. cool j from around the way
you boogie down to my records almost every day
go a hundred miles an hour when youre standin still
youre faster than my caddy when its goin downhill
wont forget that day in the y.m.c.a.
the guy at the desk said it was ok
for you to come inside cuz he knew youd stay
greg g. and garfield yelled "hooray"

repeat chorus x2


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