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candy ark sz

verse 1: ll cool j

when you was seventeen and i was nineteen
we feel deep in love growing up in queens
we didnt know a thing about love
we was innocent sneakin on the doorstep to hug
held you tightly and promised you the world
you gave me hickys and said you was my girl
when i think about it now makes me smile
cause i aint felt these butterflies in a while
funny how you grow up and innocence fades
we used to live for love but now were afraid (of what?)
of the darkness and bitter memories
lovers who crushed us through infidelity
i promised you id love you to the end
always and forever since way back when
youre like candy the worlds sweetest friend
you taste better now than you did back then

chorus: bell/tresvan

you will always be my candy
one day we will start a family
you will always be my candy girl
(youll be my candy girl forever)
you will always be my candy
want your love girl understand me
you will always be my candy girl

verse 2: ll cool j

while you sucked caramel apple lolly pops
rain sleet or snow im troopin up the murdock
we used to walk down the block hold hands
i would get you after school cause i was your man
and any guys that wanna socalize
just know that im a flip on any cat that trys
my peeps used to say i was whipped
all your girls said since you got with him you flipped
but uh they couldnt feel the feelings we felt
mirrors on the ceiling we melt
i would look up at ya i remember
the afternoon you surrendered
we made love the tempature was high as could be
you said todd promise you aint liein to me
and as we went our seperate ways you turned back
smiled i remember all that


verse 3: bell/tresvant, ll cool j

(take it to the bridge)
candy girl
you are my world
look so sweet
youre a special treat
candy gir
all i want to say
i need your love
each and every day

when im alone in my room sometimes i stare at the wall
and in the back of my mind i hear my memories call
of days when love was true i slept and held you
taste the brown sugar let your climax melt yo
candy youre occupying all of my thoughts
turned my soul upside down with lessons you taught
i can feel you even when youre far away youre right here wit me
sweet love strictly
and im a bend over backwards to keep you on my side
take you for a mental and emotional ride
make love to your soul your heart and your mind
in your hour of need girl ill be there every time
and as long as you support my dreams
stayin right beside me as a part of my team
ill take you where the average man can only dream of
cause in a world so sour i got the sweetest love


outro: bell/tresvant

candy gir
you are my world
look so sweet
youre a special trea
(youll be my candy girl forever)
candy girl
all i want to say
(word is bond sweetheart)
i need your love
(i swear im down for whatever)
candy girl
(sometimes you gotta go back home)
look so sweet
(i love you)
candy girl


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