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back seat ark sz

ah yeah
i wanna send this one out to all the jeep lovers worldwide
city to city, ghetto to ghetto
some flavor for you and yours
and your jeep

youre the type of girl that got class and style
still in all you need the backseat of my jeep once in a while
so i pull up to your door to give you what youre looking for
unh, hardcore
i know you wanna come...in my jeep
we can park on a back street
youre checkin out my carphone, scopin out my jewelry
lets do this in a hurry
air freshener is kickin, drive through for chicken
i know you need a good stickin
thats when i see my man snoop
peace, what up kid? loungin duke
as i turn the corner, starin in your cornier
youre gettin hornier and hornier
im pumpin up a blint tape (flavor)
youre legs is incredible, i do a double take
youre puttin on your lipstick
i wanna give you this big fat...(yeeeaaa)
quick, i know a place where we can lounge and cool, dont sleep
(where at?) back seat of my jeep

back seat of my jeep, lets swing an episode
back seat of my jeep, lets swing an episode
back seat of my jeep, lets swing an episode
back seat of my jeep, lets swing an ep

im pullin over near your building
i light a candle on the dashboard, were chillin
i knew a girl like you would love a scene like this
you got class but deep down youre real freakish
you got it all, but you never had a wild episode
thats when me and my jeep showed
up with the funk in the trunk and
hittin it, were spunkin
ill even get you drunk and tipsy
cause i know youre feelin frisky
you love it cause its wild and risky
you got your eyes on the hood
youre up to no good
i took you in the back, you hoped i would
you got your black on black so stacked in the back
while im pumpin in the cd ill skip a track
windows are foggy
and, uh, back seat treats in the streets could be a hobby
and you aint in between the isley brothers sheets
i give it to you real raw in the backseat
thats how you want it, dont ya? (yeah)
youll tell your girlfriends, wont ya? (nah)
dont lie
take it in your eye (why?)
so buckle up, buckle up
whats my name? whats my name? whats my name? whats my name? huh
i never knew a four wheel drive could be so live
ill put your numbers in the archives
so take em off, and put them things on the mirror girl
its my jeep and your world
you got it going on lovely, time to do the right thing
cause i can tell you wanna swing


were bonin on the dark blocks
wearin out the shocks, wettin up the dashboard clock
seats full of sweat, i told ya i would hit it
your kitty, kitty, cat, cat, was hungry so i fed it
workin as a team
somebody, anybody (scream)
jump with me to the cash bar
ill be like bruce lee in them skins goin "waahhh"
damn, its so good, the mad grip on my tip
youre still a nice girl but my jeep makes ya flip
you go wild and stick your toes on the roof (yeah yeah)
youre so cute, wit your gold tooth
exstentions on the carpet
that nice round brown is my target
its so firm, so cushy, it makes me feel mushy
i love it when its pushy
but dont laugh, im serious with this (word up)
the back seat of my jeep, is priceless
youre climaxin, youre climaxin, its full action
you love a good waxin, its so relaxin

unh, give me a hug
see what im sayin love?



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