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aint nobody ark sz

oh my god, you know

im the best when it comes to makin love all night
throw your butterscotch body beneath the red light
blaze it up girl, im a lace it real tight
go deep til the full moon turn to sunlight
til the darkness is gone love remains strong
like the bond between the child is so worn
til the touch, passionate interludes is such
when your gone, your bodys what i yearn to clutch
just imagine ecstacy floatin in a cloud
animal attraction burnin through the crowd
heaven on earth, paradise for a price
its cool though, ill play ya
for the rest of my life, you know why

1-aint nobody does me better
makes me happy, makes me feel this way
aint nobody does me better
you can take it girl, stop runnin, uh...
im explorin your body and your aroginous zones
like a black tiger caged up, til you come home lovely
you make a man swoon like a boy
the love is so soft, it gets hard to enjoy
cause the mind flys, and sometimes the sex lies
smooth little girls fall in love with rough guys
but you can chop a big heart down to pint size
i guess thats what it sounds like when the dove cries
uh, the whole world is trapped up in a maze
but you say theres real good lovin for rainy days
uh, the lord works in mysterious ways
he musta put you on this earth for all men to praise
(rpt 1)

as i travel through your body our souls become one
indivisible, uh, its getting critical son
im on the run from love and chase me out the bag
get the point boo, you hit it right on the head
its an endless adventure, two bodies collide
cant fufill a dreams when a queen by side forever
infinite time we intertwine destiny
we fall in love by design
whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours
the road less traveled is ours to explore
i adore you, heavenly angel shine light
hold my hand, ill be your guide through the night
(rpt 1)

(spoken by l.l.:) come on now, a man chooses a woman
a woman chooses a man, give you half for a second
then ill give you the full plunge, uh
(rpt 1)


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