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stuck on an island ark sz

when i was young
i crashed the car
i tried to bend it back into shape
with a rake for a crowbar

i wasnt dumb
but i was so naive
i saw the signs
but i didnt believe them

now its dark
and im tired
all my messages got erased
and i dont know where my friends are

tell me, who can i turn to when things are so blue?
youve got me crying over you

dad was home
it was getting lighter
i knew he had to take it to work
in about a half an hour

i wasnt thinking clearly
it was like a panicking sweat gripped my body

and i was stuck on an island
on a cold november morning
doing coke with henry
and i totalled my car

yes, i was stuck on an island
wondering where my mind went
getting a cold, wet shower
if i could just black out this hour
from time

aloha, doctor phair


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