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one less thing ark sz

i took my dog to the vet today
he gave her a shot and put her away
and when i got home and got ready for bed, i realized what id done
and thats one less thing on my mind
i left the man im in love with behind
i moved to chicago and told him id write
but now when i wake and i see the wrong face i realize what ive done
and thats one less thing on my mind

did you think that i knew what i was doing
when i said that i had to grow up on my own for a while?
now im dog-less and loveless and cold in a midwestern winter
if id known what i was doing i sure as fuck wouldnt be here

now i like to think that i like to learn from mistakes
but ive made that error in judgment one too many times
and im not the wiser and sure not the wealthier
i wish to god that i hadve been healthier mentally
when i decided to make up my own mind
but thats one less thing that takes up my time

well, im lining up six or seven good jobs
my hairs looking great and my friends are all snobs
but i dont have my man and i dont have my dog
and i dont have very much fun
and thats one less thing on my mind


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