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animal girl ark sz

its an animal girl, and its lying on the beach
its ass can surf in the sand while its heads asleep
its fingers roll a reefer cigarette
its skin can decompose beneath the sweat
i know all i need to know
i know how much girl to go
drinking iced scotch and soda
i proclaim the ocean like a coppertone baby
wait and see
you dont know who i am
fig or tree
lex or superman

the owners may dim the lights
the sailors may start to fight back the dinner
they wolfed at the taco joint
but maybe a blue moon will shine in the heart of the hood

its an animal girl, and its knees are turning black
the spitomatic flips it on its back
theres a gathering crowd of heavy-breasted men
the burn patrol is freaking out again
i know all i need to know
i know how much girl to go


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