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new jack theme ark sz

v. reid

buy and die/or sell and be free
we are the new jacks/this is our reality
do unto others/leave no one alive
this is our creed/we will survive
no control is how im living
on the edge with no forgiving

things get rough when youve got time to kill
youve got the cash/then ive got your thrill
i make more money than a judge or a cop
give me a reason why i should stop

large is how im living
on the edge with no forgiving

some people say my soul is lost
ill lose my life if i start to turn soft
from where i am theres no turning back
crack is the master
i am a new jack

can anybody see me?
can anybody hear me?

ill never change/ill never stop
ive got cold cash/im on the top
we can get busy if you want to play
ill have the last laugh when i blow you away

dont you see me?
cant you hear me?


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