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i want to know ark sz

(v. reid)

baby you stole my heart
i dont know what to do
got one problem on my mind
do you feel the way i do?

i want to know
give me a sign girl
open your heart and tell me that youre mine
when you walk down the street
the cats dont even make a noise
they worship at your feet
acting like little boys

im standing in the shadows baby

i got one thing thats on my mind
gonna make you love me baby
if it takes the rest of my life

i want to know
give me a sign girl
open your heart and tell me that youre mine

it takes a lot of guts to show you how i feel
about you
just say the words and let me know its real
or is it just a dream...

im very patient baby
and ive got a lot of time
i can see a clear horizon
you and me standing side by side

i want know...


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