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glamour boys ark sz

(v. reid) - bass arrangement by m. skillings

the glamour boys swear they are a diva
the glamour boys have it all under control
always dancing and always laughing
the glamour boys are playing the role

the glamour boys never have no money
the glamour boys wear the most expensive clothes
the glamour boys are always at the party
where the money comes from heaven only knows

i aint no glamour boy - im fierce
i aint no glamour boy - (snap)
i aint no glamour boy - im fierce
i aint no glamour boy

the glamour boys live off their ambition
the glamour boys have it all figured out
a very, very dubious position
when you got no clout

the glamour boys whole life is a gamble
they might get over or fall flat on their face
but if one does, theres no need to worry
another g-boy will take this place

i aint no glamour boy - im fierce

the glamour boys dont think tomorrow
the glamour boys just need tonight to play
but just like things you cant afford on credit
time catches up and you have to pay

the glamour boys are always on the guest list
youll always find them in the hottest spots in town
theyll be your friend if you have fame or fortune
if you dont they wont be hanging round

i aint no glamour boy - im fierce


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