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stop on a dime ark sz

start out easy, take it slow
once you get started
you dont know where love will go
but you think youre ready for another time around
its nothing you cant handle
and you think youve got it down.
(so/cause) you fall in love and it picks you up
and it takes your heart for a ride
after too many bad roads this heartbroken fool knows
that love can stop on a dime.
next thing you know, youve gone too fast
and youd do anything just to try to make it last
but you keep on going even though you see the signs
still believing that it wont go wrong this time
now its over, said and done
just another love you thought would be the one
you dont know where youre going
but you dont like where youve been
you try to tell yourself you wont go back again
love can stop.. on a dime


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