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whenever youre gone ark sz

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

i cant go any further now, only if you come with me
only if you can take my hand and hold me in your arms
if you come and look into my eyes, iii see it all more clearly
all of the tears youve seen my cry
youll take them all away

if you come and open up my eyes and hold me
take me away and ease my mind
just come and hold me tight

whenever youre gone its lonely
whenever youre gone i cant face the light of day
its too many times ive been on my own
with a burning in my heart
whenever youre gone

look at the face you see before you, cant you be open to me
cant you believe what we have, dont throw it away
believe in me now dont criticize, its only the beginning
cant you believe these desperate eyes, believe in what we say

if you came and open up me eyes and hold me
then i can open up my mind, and i will hold you tight


i miss you so, and friends dont understand when i dont want to speak
when youre gone i feel so alone
and i cant sleep for crying, and deep inside i feel like dying



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