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make it right ark sz

(r. lawrence/c. bernard/s. benson)

(make it right)
(make it right)

youve been on my mind
cause the last words i said
felt so wrong,so unkind
no ones to blame
but somewhere along the way
i know that somethings changed

what was said
and what was done
is not the way of love
just look what weve become

feel me touch you tenderly
im makin an apology
please hold me close tonight
(make it right)
can we try to love once more
and make it like it was before
i need you by my side

(make it right)
(make it right)

as we close our eyes
can you hear me prayin
how can lovers be so blind
it hurts me so, just dont know
that we could fall again
help me understand

can we forgive
can we compromise
just believe that we can
leave it all behind
we can get to where
we feel good inside
open up our hearts
and keep this love alive


(make it right)
(make it right)
ooh make it right for me, babe
(make it right)

(are we gonna) make it right
(we can see it) see it in our eyes
(can we do it) do you wanna try
(dont you know i)
ill always love you, baby
(give a listen)
listen to the words im sayin
(tell you that its)
its only love were makin
(all you gotta) ooh


(make it right)
im touchin you so tenderly
(please hold me close tonight)
never let me go (make it right)
can we try to love once more
and make it like it was before
i need you by my side
(make it right)


make it right


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