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mack the knife ark sz

(k. weill/b. brecht/m. blitzestien)

oh the shark has pretty teeth, dear
and he shows them pearly white
just a jack knife has macheath, dear
and he keeps it out of sight

when the shark bites with his teeth, dear
scarlet billows start to spread
fancy gloves though wears macheath, dear
so theres not a trace of red

on the sidewalk, sunday morning
lies a body oozing life
someones sneaking round the corner
ill bet that someone, someones mack the knife

from a tug boat by the river
a cement bags dropping down
the cements just, just for the weight, dear
bet you, ill bet you mack is back in town

louie miller, he disappeared, dear
after drawing out his cash
and macheath spends like a sailor
did the boy, did the boy do something rash?

sukey tawdry, jenny diver
polly peachum, and lucy brown
oh the line forms on the right, dear
now that mackys back in town (x2)


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