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listen to your heart ark sz

(d. pickerill/p. odonoughue)

spoken intro:
i can make it better, look around
yes, honestly, take a look at yourself
if youre not sure of which way to go
then how can you hope to survive
in this world you make your own way
no ones gonna keep you alive
if you wanna find out what its all about
you dont know where to start
start looking inwards towards yourself
listen in to your heart

listen listen, ah listen to your heart (x3)

when life becomes too much to take
then how can you hope to resist
the tempting hand of greed and guilt
answers you at the top of the list
if you take the time to reassure yourself
that really its just a start
stop, take one step back, look at yourself
listen to your heart


just be sure of yourself???
even if you find yourself in a world of trouble
and you feel that friends will never see you through
look down deep inside you, take out all your emotions
its your heart that gonna help you through



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