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fridays child ark sz

(v. morrison)

from the north to the south
you walked all the way
though you left your left your home for good to stay
oh you built all all your castles in the sun
and i watched you knock em down
knock em down each and everyone

fridays child cant stop now
fridays child cant stop now

and i watched you before you came to old
told you a long time before it ever came to be told
youve got something they dont wanna know
see youve got to hold on hold on and never let go

ooh fridays child cant stop now
dont stop
ooh fridays child cant stop now

there you go rainbows hangin around your feet
and your makin out makin out with everyone that you meet
even havin a ball and stayin up late
and watched the sun come up round notting hill gate

ooh fridays child cant stop now
dont stop
ooh fridays child cant stop now
not for a moment, not for a minute

(fade to end)


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