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finest thing ark sz

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

will you choose me as your lover to be
give it time, it will all work out fine
am i the one that youre thinking of
every second of the time will you choose to be mine
tell me will it be the same
do you want to call my name in your sleep
do you love me deeper than life itself
just rely on love, im here, dont leave me on the shelf

you, you are the finest thing that walked into my life
for me, for me therell be no better time
then when im holding your hand in mine
looking into your eyes, because theyre telling me all about you

ever been true, ive been thinking of you
all the time you are in my mind
do you see every minute of me
can you keep your mind on what youre doing


chorus (x 5)


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