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a little more love ark sz

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

measure for measure
your loves so much pleasure
like a haunting melody
it came inside and captured me

and im so happy
youre the rhythm of my life
you and i together will stand the test of time

(you know how to love me)
give me more love, give me more time
i cant understand it
maybe youve found someone new
tell me what did i do wrong
what did i do

looking into your eyes now
i dont see the love we had
i dont see compassion
i dont see anything

give me just a little more love
some more to tide me over
give me just a little more passion
give me just a little more love

and a little more time
i dont see the reason
why you should be so unfair
but i have seen it coming
seen it hanging in the air

baby when you hold me
you dont touch me like you did
but still i want you by my side
baby ill do anything


i can see youre slipping away from me
but i still feel the magic sometimes
when we touch
you and me, it has to be
cos baby without you i dont think that i can carry on

(chorus x 4 and fade)


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