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a guy like you ark sz

i cant hear anything, you can yell, you can scream
i got my things to do - anyway, far from you
you are this baby, pulls me down angry
i dont care anyhow, people just let me down
i just get angrier
you say that love is it, all of it, a bunch of shit
ill ruin everything, piece of mind or a ring
what makes me angry, just makes you sad
this should be easier, maybe if i could hear
but ill just get angrier and close my eyes and wish away,
hide it inside, nobody knows
i just get angrier
theres something you need me for, but i cant give anymore
i gave it all away, less and less everyday
what makes you crazy, takes me there too
i just expect it to, trying to be a guy like you
walk away, intoxicate, nobody knows
i cant hear anything


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