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sela ark sz

you know sometimes i sit and wonder
just how this world would be
if we had all the people laughing
and everybody living in harmony
wed have to say sela sela
talking to the people sela, sela
there would be no more living in desperation
and no more hatred and deceit
tell me, can you imagine
all the children playing
and everyone dancing in the street
we say sela, sela
talking to yourself sela, sela
you play it for the people
yeah, for the people
its time for everyone
to come together
i know its hard
but this dream must come to light on
because tonight should be
one big celebration
im talking to you now
only we can make things right
we say sela, sela, sela, sela baby
talk about, sing about, talk about sela
talk about sela
oh the children
tell me about the children
weve got to help them now to survive
well, one world
one heart is our salvation
let us keep the dream alive
we say sela, sela, sela
i know sela, i know sela, sela, sela...


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