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sail on ark sz

sail on, down the line
about half a mile or so
and i dont really wanna know ah
where youre going
maybe once or twice you see
time after time i tried
hold on to what we got
but now youre going
and i dont mind
about the things youre gonna say
lord, i gave all my money and my time
i know its a shame
but im giving you back your name
guess ill be on my way
i wont be back to stay
i guess ill move along
im looking for a good time
sail on down the line
aint it funny how the time can go
all my friends say they told me so
but it doesnt matter
it was plain to see
that a small town boy like me
just i wasnt your cup of tea
i was wishful thinking
i gave you my heart
and i tried ot make you happy
and you gave me nothing in return
you know it aint so hard to say
would you please just go away
ive thrown away the blues
im tired of being used
i want everyone to know
im looking for a good time
good time
sail on honey
good times never felt so good
sail on honey
good times never felt so good
sail on sugar
good times never felt so good
sail on


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