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a day in the life ark sz


today is,
so boring, i might aswell be snoring,
because im living a bad dream,
cause ill be, with no react,
somewho ive run right off track,
so insane, of the mundane,
it makes me wanna scream,

its a day in life, ita a link in tha chain,
beginning the end, they both look the same, round and round,
no new ground, its a day life, and were down to the game,
winning or losing, there nothing to gane, round and round,
no new ground,
its the day in the life,

its just so, simplistic,
trying to be optimistic,
that part of me wont give up hope,
well it my own,
that always leads to nothing,
but it seems,
its the only way,
the only way to go,

[chorus 1x]

cause nothing ever changes anymore,
it makes me wonder what tomorrow for,

[chorus 1x]

oh oh oh, oh oh oh


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