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fly away ark sz

woman, how do you feel?
it looks like your gonna cry,
is everything alright?
are your days
dropping you in a hole
no signals no signs
no reasons or rhymes
and just when you thought youd be down on your knees
ill say baby come with me please
and well just
fly away
fly away
dont you need to get higher
baby baby baby
i wanna get close to you
but im so afraid
honey, im so afraid
that one day youll wake up and realize your wasting time, your sweet time
when i pick up the phone
youre not alone
and there ill be standing wondering whats wrong
ill say oh baby take me along
and we will
fly away
fly away
dont you need to get higher
no no no no
i dont know how you feel
talk to me baby
come with me baby
come with me baby
and we will
fly away
fly away
yes we need to get higher


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