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she doesnt ask ark sz

(nancy lee baxter)
hes distant most of the time
hes busy too much on his mind
he rarely answers her back
she doesnt ask
he tiptoes in late at night
he changes without the light
hes been this way in the past
so she doesnt ask
she doesnt ask
if hes still working overtime
she doesnt ask
if hes coming or going
shes tired of the same old lines
she doesnt ask
shes loved him
through all the years
three children and two careers
she wonders if it will last
but she doesnt know
she doesnt ask
why theyre living such different lives
she doesnt ask
why they sleep in the same bed
always on separate sides
she doesnt ask
will he cry when she is gone
will he stay lonely for long
does he know she wont be back
she doesnt ask


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