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nobody loves me ark sz

shut up!!

im so sick of them deadlines
i cannot stand why them maniacs are in them headlines
and even though i dont know ya
through my lyrics ill show ya
the sanitys over
cuz people say im bugged out
...-(?)-... my business, stay the fuck out
all i know is that the beat goes on and on (beat goes on) and will be the same,
til the day im gone

nobody loves me,
nobody cares
nobody loves me,
nobody owes me a thing
nobody loves me,
nobody cares
nobody loves me,
maybe ill go eat worms

im so sick of the world now
its all those people attacking my identity
now the enemys running at the mouth again
saddle up when you step into the south, my friend
youre the big one, youre the good one
im the bad one, thats so sad son
cuz im running no where
you see the black sheep everywhere
you need to drop that guard man,
it aint that hard


now whats the matter with this
someones sure to find me
no exceptions for this (no exceptions)
so many time i fall through
no one has ever warned
me life seems so meaningless when
your inner strength
ohh, im such a piece of shit
oh, youre so perfect - 2x
oh, youre so much better
than me so much better than me
you suck!

nobody loves me,
nobody cares
nobody loves me,
maybe ill go eat worms


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