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n gether now ark sz

fred: who can be the boss?
look up to the cross
stranded in the land of the lost
standin up, im sideways
im blazin up the path
runnin on the highways of rap
choked up by the smoke and the charcoal
lava stamps and brands me like a barcode
im dashin all the meteor strikes
keep the media dykes
as re-enforcements for the fight
and that alone with keep john ghotti on the phone
tangled in his own i got the bees on the track
where the fuck you at?
(method man - tical)
let me hear you pigeons run your mouth now
(method man - shut the fuck up!)
im pluggin in them social skills
that keep my total bills over a million
the last time i checked it
thank god im blessed with the mind that i wreck it
wait until the second round, ill knock him out

method man: they call me big john stud
my middle name mud
dirty water flow
too much for you thugs
that cant stand the flood
what up doc?
hold big gun like elmer fudd
the sure shot
mr. meth im unplugged
temperatures too hot for sunblock
playin with minds can get you state time
lock behind twelve bars from a great mind
killa bees in the club when theres ladybug
brought a sword to tha dance floor to cut a rug
love is love all day til they both slug
and take another life in cold blood
cant feel me?
cause its your blood
murder is tremendous
crime is endless
same shit different day
father forgive us
they know not what they do
our praises do
im big like easy, ya bigbamboo

method man: whats that, i didnt hear you?
shut the fuck up!
come on a little louder
shut the fuck up!
everybody n 2 gether now
shut the fuck up!
what? what?

method man: headstrong, deadcon, dead by dawn
deadweight they dead wrong
lets get it on
twelve rounds of throwdown
who hold crown?
protect land with both pound
limp bizkit
get around like merry-go
whats the scenario?
comin through your stereo
why risk it
lifestyles of the prolific and gifted
eight essential vitamins and minerals
word on the street is
they bit my thesis
knocked out their front teethes
tryin to taste mine
actin like they heard through the grapevine
dope fiendin for the baseline
to provide rhyme
hard as nails to the cubicle
where you find that monster
she beautiful
wu-tang and limp bizkit
roll on the check
kick a hole in the speaker
pull the plug and inject

fred: mic check
so whats it all about?
where we gonna run?
maybe we can meet up on the sun
discretion is advised
for the blood of virgin eyes
limpin on the track with method
so get the sunblock
you get your one shot
until you dissolve
i revolve around everything you got
from outta nowhere prepare
youll be blinded by the glare
i told you not to stare
now youre turned into stone
without a microphone
but dont you forget youre in the zone
(method man - so shut the fuck up!)
and take that shit back
cause all your shits whack
(method man - (doodoo is doodoo)
when its way down like that
burnin up your brain like a piston
so all those who didnt listen
never even knew what they were missin
and never even knew that the sky was fallin down
wu-tang clan for the crown

method man: whats that, i didnt hear you?
shut the fuck up!
come on a little louder
shut the fuck up!
everybody n2 gether now
shut the fuck up!
what? what?

method man: it was over your head all day every day
wu-tang, killa bees, and the limp
gotta know the time
gotta know to rhyme
it aint easy bein greezy
in a world of cleanliness and you know all that other madness
we gone

limp bizkit, method man, rock the house yall, bring it on

hey wait up, where you guys going? youre not recording are you? im all alone
i cant do this
feel it
you guys feel it out there?
check your head if you feel it
hey, hey, hey
every day is brigther than the next day, at least thats what you think


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