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indigo flow ark sz

yo what up got christian and dino in the house
fear factory action kick off this new joint here for all my homies
separating the true breeds
my friends and my family
had the vision when the bounds now its blowing up
props to the field dog
with the funk through the campaign
gold records and champaign
everlast for the tour on st. pattys
chino, man we had a blast with ya deftones
rock that microphones daily props to the maestro
ross your an angel
hey dj wanna play that song
we love you like a brother
want to take a trip
to the flip side jordan
nothing more then i could say see
ya walking hand in hand with the prophet
danny you took us to that fat man
harry, tyler props for the golden introduction
were coming from the town
of the unknown jacksonvilles on the map
look us up
raising eyebrows with the jaguars kid
better watch out
line em up cheetah (indigo)
yo richard,
rob and chuck (indigo)
hook it up
when i walk out on stage
all headaches go away
got the back from the sickest road crew
chris and bobby for sticking to it
sugar ray taught me life was all about drinking
bow wow yippee yo yippee yea to the funk
doobi thanks for showing up
all my brothers in korn
i love you
dad and momma
im coming home
what up to my girl sage
shawn, teddy swoze
indigo ranch alive with the vibe
grun dig danny in the milk bar
terry parker you know whats up
dialed into the planet
and god...
i love you!!!


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