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mighty mighty love ark sz

mighty mighty love

on the day that god said let there be light
he said let there be love, he thought of you and i
all was put in motion, the mountains rose
the stars were set, still waters moved
with so much foundation behind us
destiny proves we got a mighty mighty love

i feel it when were touchin
a power starts rushin
yeah this is somethin
its been a long time comin
oh baby what we have here
is a future with no fear the horizen is so clear
the universe demands together we stand
on this mighty mighty love

i knew i would find you, some sweet day
youd step into my life and everything would change
it started with a look that became a smile
turned into a kiss, now here we are
well there is no question in heaven
no doubt here on earth, we got a might, mighty love


we can stare right into the face of
whatever comes (whatever comes)
but well rise above it all
with this mighty mighty
we got a mighty, mighty love


we got a mighty, mighty love


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