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lost in your love ark sz

lost in your love

i couldnt name the last three songs
or what that last exit sign said
i guess im hypnotized by those little white lines
and tonight its playin back in my head
and theres no way to concentrate on anything but you
and i dont know just where im goin
but all i wanna do is get...

lost in your love
all mixed up
so completely turned around
youve got me in so deep
that i cant find my way out
but i know i found the place where i belong
when we touch i get lost in your love

i thought i had all the lines on the map picked out
to show me where to go
and i made up my mind, i was sure this time
id play it safe and take it slow
but now im flying up so high so fast i cant let go
the first time i stepped on this ride
i guess i shouldve known that id get...

corus x2

im so lost in your love
i get lost in your love


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