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quasimodo ark sz

you could be right and ill be real honesty
wont be a pain youll have to feel
cause i dont need your approval to find my worth

ive been trapped inside of my own mind
afraid to open my eyes to what id find
and i dont want to live like this anymore

there goes my pain, there goes my chains
did you see them fall, there goes this feeling
that has no meaning, there goes the world
off of my shoulders, there goes the world
off of my back, there it goes does

it scare you that i can be something different
than you would it make you feel more comfortable
if i wasnt you cant control me and

you cant take away from me who i am
have you ever felt that your only comfort was your cage
youre not alone i have felt the same as you have you ever felt
like your secrets give you away

youre not alone i have been there, too everyone is looking
and everybody is laughing but i think every one feels the same
everybody wants to feel okay, everybody wants to everybody
wants to feel cause you cant change me you cant break me

there goes the world, off of my shoulders
there goes the world, off of my back
cause i dont want it


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