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crown of scars ark sz

forget about the fight to wear the crown of scars
cause youve already won
forget the pain and the tears behind you
bury underneath your feet the remains
of whats been left behind
cause you have got a long a long way to run
but now you dance the rest of the way
and you dont look back
can you hear that angel singing
as you rise
chorus: now you fly away
and you dont look down now
and you laugh till you cant laugh any longer
as you watch your chains fall to the ground
will you fall against the wall that you have built with your own hands
when you trip upon the thorns that you have tied your legs together with
when you walk upon thin ice that you know you know you should not be walking
why do you wonder why that you fell through
and now you laugh
and your tears
smile down at your fears
from where you are
from way up here
you know nothings ever looked so good
nothing ever looked so good
but now you dance the rest of the way
you dont look back
can you hear that angel singing
as you rise
chorus x 2


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