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dream about it ark sz

i didnt wanna talk
i didnt even know your name
but the way that you moved your body
i could tell that you were game
as i moved a little closer to you
you cast your spell on me

i didnt wanna stop
didnt wanna miss a beat
cos the passion inside of you
knocked me off my feet
there was nothing i could do about it
you had a hold over me
it must have been plain to see

but dont go jumping to conclusions
i aint looking for romance
im having the best time now
but please understand

dont even think that i
wanna run away with you
never assume that i
could ever feel the way you do
who said a thing about
love forever true
dont even dream about
dream about it

you led me to your ride
pulled the soft top down
i could tell id got your motor running
as we cruised through town
as a warm breeze strokes your body
i felt you touching me
it wasnt just a fantasy

dont ever dream that this could be
more than just sexuality
just cos im knocking boots with you
you ought to think yourself lucky
to land yourself a squeeze like me
so you just appreciate it
before you go and waste it


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