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reason why ark sz

na na na na na
im gonna lose my mind
na na na na na
you are the reason why
---verse 1---
left your heart by the front door baby
you dont need to come round my way no more
thats what my girlfriend said to me
a 10/23..on a lonely monday morn
found another and he treats me good
like you never could
go away.. i think you should
needed you but you werent there
so now i dont care
then she put a finger in the air...
baby how can u doubt my love
when youre the reason im smilin(cuz baby love youre the reason why)
if you deny my heart
then you should know that its for you that its aching
everything ill ever need is you
---verse 2---
yesterday i saw my ex girl at the mall
with some kid by the name of tommy smith
she was gonna sit
in the corner of her eye she saw me staring at her and him
she kissed him
then she smiled at me
they both started laughing
then they walked passed me
she was looking at him like she looked at me
right before we go home and do our thing
i said gimme one more chance i love you
gimme another chance..i cant live life without you
she said get away from me boy i dont care
walked away with one finger in the air
---verse 3---
called her up on the telephone (my guess)its only 2am
moonlight shone through my window had a song by hendrix in my head
never understood this girl,
this thing called love and the world were in
let it ring two more times, she wasnt there.
threw my finger in the air.




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