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if i cant have you ark sz

yo, its a big world
you probably think im out there being a playa, huh?
yo, but if i cant have you
then i dont want anybody
thats my word so check it out
if i cant have you
i dont want nobody baby
if i cant have you
no oh oh
if i cant have you
i dont want nobody baby
if i cant have you
whoa oh oh

youve got the latest fashion
keep classin
bodys just slashin
time for some action
when i hooked you up then i hooked up my last one
all and all got a joint cash fund
forget your last one
he aint much
mad cuz its me not him you touch
in the night time when the lights go out
no doubt, rich nice is the name you shout
yes, yes, yawning till the break of dawnin
yeah, yeah thats it, dont stop, dont quit
babygirl and rich were always into something
if its not you than its nothing

> chorus

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...baby just keep it moving all night
need you by my side from dark to sunlight
everything is side to side is alright
listen, if we cant break the fool baby, act crazy, make waves like a pool, baby
ooh maybe
we can shake the dawn breaks
face it anything you want just take it
shine bright like constellations
girl you got my heart...congratulations
no need to lie, youre the meaning to my song
when its on, then its on and its on


clap to this, come on
clap your hands
yeah yeah yeah
i think about you often
lets take a little walk out in boston
you can teach them freak on landsdowne street
around ten, lay low like brasco, lets spend a few tens
and i rhyme for you, do time for you
calculate and carry out the perfect crime for you
let me shine with you, true you wont regret it
but if its not you than forget it

i dont want nobody else but you
something bout those freaky things you do



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