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why are you leaving ark sz

tell me why are you leaving
when theres no place to go
whats this secret your keeping
you dont want me to know
only...... defending
cos the truth stands by itselves
its time for honesty
i can see - theres someone else

when the dawn breaks tomorow
will your whole life been changed
are you sure all the sorrow
wont just flood back again
some strange dream youve been chasing
its just another rainbows end
you wont find it there - not anywhere
so why pretend

aahhhaaaahhhaaahhaahhaahaahhaahhahha (roughly)

tell me why are you leaving
for the things that you know
if its dreams you believe in
just how far can you go
if you leave, whats the answer
perhaps some other side-effect
wont you change your mind
take some time - and ill be there
(ill be there)


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