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staring at the sun ark sz

no one heard you say your prayers... for love
no one ever seemed to care... for you
blind as you run
you were staring at the sun

always someones favorite fool... playing
games that theyd invent for you... losing
your heart and soul
theres no way you can repair yourself

your fragile face reflects
years of neglect
love for so long denied
dies in your eyes
and so you kiss and give
your heart away

far from the start
you knew
there was something out of view

like a burning spear of stars... falling
you dissolve the night in tears... so tired
blinded you run
you were staring at the sun

youve given it all away
no more prayers today
you got a homeless heart
thats tearing you apart
you couldnt feel more cold
inside your secret soul
you never found no one
you were staring at the sun
(staring at the sun)
(staring at the sun)


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