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man ark sz

hey man where you been
you cant run away
from the life you made your own
now that its gone and left you down and out
youre not so complete
now what do you say
all the answers you propose
nobody chose to hear this time around

hey man youre so vain
you rise up again
to perform to pressure now
no way to treat that precious heart at all
calm down youre too proud
now what do you know
you present some facts to face
but nobody chose to look this time around

head in the clouds
no silver lining
what could be wrong

hey man why so blue
whats come over you
sentimental apathy
aint gonna buy no sympathy today
wide world wearing thin
wild words deafening
shout about integrity
and then you go and throw your dignity away

were all the same
were all to blame
what could be wrong, yeah

hey man you got carried away
carrying on the games that you play
playing is not the way to win
cos winning can be a way that you lose
and losing is not the way you would choose
given the choice youre trying to change
changing again youre carried away

do you remember the day
so long ago so far behind
that history wrought in the fire
that filled your mind with mad desire
chasing the centuries down
long roads you cut through flesh and field
pulling the past as you run
and its dragged you to your knees
its time to pray

its getting harder to pay
too many people
for the rent

given a number of ways
is there no way you can change

hey man sing the blues


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