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its over ark sz

i wont be here when you come home
im sorry if you dont understand, forgive me if you can
but i can see another road
and i aint coming back

dont look for me around this town
cause i will be so far away, youll never find me anywhere
and i wont take no souvenirs
no perfumed picture promises
because its over
and i aint coming back

you gave me everything
and now im breaking your heart
you know that i dont mean
to tear your world apart

i would never leave if i thought you couldnt stand the pain
a letter in the hall
is written on the wall
a letter with no words of love at all
because its over (because its over)
and i aint coming back

and as i close the door
i know im breaking your heart
i should have loved you more
instead ive torn your world apart

and as i walk into the lonely afternoon
i feel sad enough
i feel bad enough
and all the times when you are lonely where you are
please dont hate me then
i just could not pretend oh no

feel the tears
i can feel the tears
running through the years


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