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i want eyes ark sz

its late i know but i cant sleep
peace of mind is hard to keep
i saw it on the news today
a thousand lives just blown away

i want eyes
i want eyes

another page in history
but the why is still a mystery
wont you come so we can talk this through
do you need me now like i need you

i want eyes
i want eyes

on the beach lies a boy
thrown away like a toy
in the field lies a man
left behind, he was calling, calling
no one saw him die

sitting there youre telling me
that everything is meant to be
but when i say i cant go on
i know im not the only one
i just cant live on planet hope
and watch the world go up in smoke
i dont know how to face the facts
when i see a child respond to impact

i want eyes
i want eyes
i want eyes
i want eyes

so i wake every night
with the same dream in mind
in a field theres a man
left behind, he was calling, calling
no one saw me cry



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