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i see in album sister ark sz

i think ill close my eyes and wait as the world goes by.
wont see the same old thing its out there everywhere.
the thousand wishes i have had in my life come true.
after they are gone i say, "what did i do that for?"
i see i see i see. this world going in circles
around all around me.
ill end up mad before life is through with me.
guilty old me.

i think ill pay my dues and drive real fast to stand in
then ill wrack my brains to find some chaos.
as the image forms ill let it swallow up my mind.
time will pass ill ask myself "this is a joke, right?"
thinking, thinking thoughtless but it sometimes seems.
think too much, too hard and it confuses me.
rectify myself to all the things i thought were real
or ill lock the bedroom door and simply stay at


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