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alouette & me ark sz

so youd trade me in for them when theyre so
mean i wouldnt do that if i were you why would
you say all those love things when you knew
youd leave i wouldnt say that if i were you
alouette and me i dont want to know you lately
alouette and me why did you go ruin everything
in a dream i held my head up but im not brave
let them see it what youve done stultifier youre
such a liar you should be so ashamed let them
see it what youve done alouette and me but
its alright and im not mad even thought im not
there for you no more alouette and me just
mark off the territory its the strangest thing it
doesnt hurt but i wont forget the sting but its
alright and im not mad even though im not
there for you no more


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