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scott farcas takes it on the chin [" version] ark sz
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scott farcas takes it on the chin [" version] ark sz

when i think of how things
are right now it feels like
yeah it all feels like some
kind of circus show
and how this toen it keeps
you pinned down with the
same song from years
ago and yknow this place
will chew you up and spit
you out before you go
and when they drag you
kicking and screaming
from the scene you know
its time to leave
when i think of this town
right now its filled with
speed freaks and assholes
and all kinks of creeps and
somehow every new face in
every single case in a year
or two will be erased
and to think of how im feeling
right now somehow i still
remember how i felt 4 years ago
are right now its still the same
old song form years ago
what do i know?
that its still the
same old song from years ago


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