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history of a boring town ark sz

just talked to this
girl who used to live
on my street
after all these years
youre here and you remember me.
she said her old boyfriend packed up
and headed back east but she always
knew someday he would go she just got
a new job but doubts it will last.
so lets take a drink and never
think heres to the past
and she says
its so funny how life
burns out so fast its
just another wasted
day a boring life in a
boring town with the
same old crowd and i
used to say that id
never stay
but im rotting here
today with that same old crowd
thats always been
around and i always
thought id be the
first to go. that
same old crowd
that brings me down
another day in a
boring town.
and remember when
theyd look through
you and then look
past me we were
the ones they said
would always leave
when you go think of me.


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