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five state drive ark sz

got on the 47,
transferred to the 89
left town eastbound past all the city signs
and yknow sometimes its hard to leave,
your past behind and as i pass the crummy bars
and beat up cars nothings
gonna change my mind this time
by now you think ibe found that
things changed, just dont look
that way to me.
by now you think ive found
that things change,
and look rearraged to me.
it never used to look
that way to me.
at half past seven im on the 95
sick of malls and alcohol
just passed the next state line
and i know sometimes its hard
to leave your past behind
and as i think of the corner creeps
and dirty streets nothing will change
my mind, theres no turning back this time
and when going off is like going on
and never going back is just like giving up
its like im going nowhere fast.


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