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will they love him ark sz

verse 1:
whats in the fathers mind
why does he have to go
and if i cant go with him
theres one thing i must know

will they love him,
will they love him like i do?
will they serve him,
take care of him like i do?

im afraid to watch him go
afraid their hearts arent true
oh, will they love him,
love him like i do?

verse 2:
what can you say when all is lost
when the light of day has gone away?
well, thats how it feels to watch him go
down to earth, to a humble birth
and as he goes away, i hear my heart say

repeat chorus

verse 3:
how can we sing when he is gone
weve lost everything when weve lost our king
and why does he go just like a man
small and weak, humble and meek
and as he goes away, i hear my heart say

repeat chorus


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